Hubungan Antara Tingkat Pengetahuan Tentang Hipertensi Dengan Sikap Mengontrol Tekanan Darah di Puskesmas Tanjung Selamat Kecamatan Padang Tualang Tahun 2021

  • Ananda Fanny Universitas Prima indonesia, Medan
  • Uci Silalahi Universitas Prima indonesia, Medan
  • Patricia Saragih
  • Junita Silaban Universitas Prima indonesia, Medan
  • Karmila Br Kaban Universitas Prima indonesia, Medan
  • Fitriani Lubis Universitas Prima indonesia, Medan
Keywords: Hypertension, Blood pressure, Level of knowladge, Attitude


Background: The prevalence of which continues to be higher and has become a global dilemma that includes unhealthy lifestyle behaviors is hypertension. Alcohol consumption, obesity, stress, smoking, and lack of activity are examples of risk factors for hypertension. If hypertension is not controlled, it increases the occurrence of other complications such as atherosclerosis, stroke, aneurysm, kidney disease and metabolic syndrome (Roesmono 2017).

Objective: To find the relationship between knowledge level using blood control attitude in Hypertension Patients at Tanjung Selamat Health Center, Kec. Tualang Field.

Method: Analytical quantitative research through a cross-sectional approach

Results: There was a significant relationship between the level of knowledge about hypertension and the attitude of controlling blood pressure. Because it has been stated that most of the respondents who have sufficient knowledge are 56 respondents (30.10%) and 89 respondents (86.41%) have a good attitude to control blood pressure.

Conclusion: found a correlation between the level of knowledge about hypertension with the attitude of controlling blood pressure at the Tanjung Selamat Health Center, Padang Tualang district.

Keywords: Hypertension, blood pressure, level of knowledge and attitude